SIR: Once again, our councillors are arguing for the return of traffic flow through the centre of our town centre (Romsey Advertiser, June 18) thus rejecting the Hampshire County Council (HCC) proposals that retains the present temporary closure of the Hundred and also turns Portersbridge Street into a one-way street. This scheme is offered to Romsey based on an 18-month trial period and is financed by central Government.

I do not wish to return to the previous potentially dangerous environment for visitors and shoppers due to its excessively narrow pavements in critical parts of the Hundred; users include people with prams, mobility scooters and wheelchairs. We have a moral duty to protect everyone including the elderly and disabled.

I want to see Romsey town centre thriving and prosperous and as a place that people want to go to and not one dominated by cars and lorries. By adopting the HCC’s scheme, initially for an 18- month period, the town has little to lose and much to gain.

If you agree, why not email your comments to HCC at – a decision by HCC is expected later in July 2021.

Richard Edwards,