SIR: I read your article on our Councils new initiative at being ECO friendly. In fact I read it several times at the conclusion of which I thought I needed to go and lie down on a darkened room, or refer it all to our church ECO expert, John, for an explanation. In the end I decided to break the habit of a lifetime and write a letter.

As I understand it TVBC is spending some our taxes, to buy "credits"

from Roke Manor Ltd. They are "available" because Roke has stopped farming some land. Does R M Ltd need our money to persuade them to do that and cut down on the nitrates used? Are they that much in financial need and what was the outlay anyway?

Then TVCB are going to offer property developers these credits, so that they might build sensibly, because if they don't carbon emissions will be increased. What the likely cost is to the developers isn't stated.

Does the Council end up with a profit or loss on the transaction? Do developers, who I always thought were financially well placed and gained decent profit margins, need any additional incentive to build effectively and efficiently? Particularly as that incentive to their operating margins, comes from our hard won taxes and will place an extra burden on all our services and infrastructure.

It greatly concerns me because I know that some in our community, who are hard working, are earning just enough to get by on. They are paying high taxes on moderate properties. Yes the council applies rebate schemes and other relief but life for these folk is financially marginal, hence the need for food banks and all the other charities who have to step in when our welfare scheme does not meet the just need.

I just would like to be sure that we are seeking the common wealth of all.

Well I guess those of you who might read this and understand what "credits are all about will tell me that I "know nothing". Perhaps I should have seen John first.

Brian Adey, Northlands Road, Romsey.