IT WILL no longer be difficult to get a bike repaired in Chandler's Ford and the surrounding areas.

Residents have endured lengthy journeys and long wait times when trying to get their bikes fixed following the closures of Peter Hansford, The Bike Centre and Cycle World.

But local entrepreneurs Will, Matt and Emily recognised the difficulties this caused cyclists, and set up Wessex Bike Repairs to get people quickly back on their wheels.

They said: "It’s not unusual to be told there is a wait time of 4, 6 or even 10 weeks to get your bike looked at in other workshops. We know that people rely on their bikes to get to work or to keep fit. So we set up our business with a focus of getting people back out there as soon as possible’ said Will Rayden, from their facility on Bournemouth Road, Chandler’s Ford.

"To save you time getting your bike fixed you can relax with a coffee and cake at our instore coffee shop – Wessex Bike Hub - while we fix your bike.’ added Matt Blackledge, ‘But we welcome everyone, with or without a bike."

Wessex Bike Repairs is at 16 Bournemouth Road. Customers can enjoy coffee and cakes at their in-store cafe.