The popular sell out music shows returns to Romsey after 18 months of cancellations and lock-downs.

The first show to be performed is called “The Rock and Roll Years” featuring music from the ‘50s and ‘60s, including Elvis, Dusty Springfield, The Beatles and Chuck Berry.

The choreography, musical arrangement, lighting, costumes and set build has been done on a budget and with a team of volunteers.

It promises to be a fun and entertaining event packed with great music, live singing and group dances.

A Spokesperson for the Nomads Music and Drama Society said: “We've done online rehearsals, Car Park dance routine practices, Singing sessions in rainy and muddy parks, all in the aid of art and entertainment.

“Video rehearsals were the toughest, which we had to use when we weren’t allowed to meet at all.

"We appreciated the regular catch up, but trying to sing all at once, or coordinate a dance routine via video link was nearly impossible.

“We have put together a programme that we believe will be uplifting and high energy featuring some well-known tracks from the Rock and Roll era. We invite you to “Rock around the Clock” with us next week.”

All seating will be arranged according to social distancing requirements.

Doors will open on Thursday July 22 and will run four shows. Thursday Friday and Saturday, shows to start at 7.30pm and a Saturday daytime show at 2.30pm at the Woodley Village Hall, Romsey.

Tickets are £8 for adults and £6.50 for children under 16.