This second installation authored by Becki Clark from Romsey, brings you a seasonally inspired multi-crafts book designed to help you create your own DIY projects.

As well as a step-by-step guide, it includes images and templates making the book accessible to beginners wanting to learn more and experiment with paint.

It aims to provide ideas of homemade gifts for friends or occasions and decorations for the home.

You will also find lessons on clay work, embroidery, collage and sewing.

Becki has eight years’ experience in the world of crafts and is multi-disciplined across all fields which has led her to collaborations with Hobbycraft, BBC Country Files and Sea salt Cornwall.

Becki said: “Paint, Make, Create, is my second book focused around creativity and seasonal living.

“The book was inspired by my love of painting, colour and crafting and takes the reader on a journey throughout the seasons with multi craft projects all woven together by painting.

“By slowing down, tapping into our creativity and celebrating nature and seasonality I truly believe everyone will feel a greater sense of wellbeing. The book was commissioned back in February 2019 and as lockdown began and the world stood still, I threw everything in to writing, making, styling and creating this book.

“It truly was a joy to create, and I can only hope it brings similar joy to those who read it.

The book called `Paint Make and Create is 120 pages long and is on sale for £15.99.