AN application for a wash plant at Yokesford Hill Industrial Estate has been submitted to Hampshire County Council.

It comes just one month after an application was approved for a wash plant just across the field at Bunny Lane, Romsey.

The plans submitted by Ace Liftaway this month came into discussion at the joint planning meeting with Romsey Town Parish and Romsey Extra on Thursday August 19 where concerns were raised.
The plans propose new machinery to be implemented at the waste and recycling centre in order to clean and recycle stockpiles making them more marketable and to allow for a new product of rough sand and grit.
It came into question whether another wash plant was necessary within such close proximity to the one owned by Waltet however it was made clear that Waltet were given approval for just one year, but the application made by Ace Liftaway is for a permanent plant.
Further concerns were raised about additional noise pollution, the visibility of the piles in rural surroundings and a potential contamination of the watercourse which connects Fishlake nature reserve with the barge canal. 
Councillors suggested the application was not clear about how water waste would be handled.
Another potential issue was the possibility of longer working hours on the site and increased traffic from heavy goods vehicles as they bring skips in and out of the plant.
Cllr Nick Adams-King said: “The hours of operation and traffic vehicle movement, Yokesford say won’t change, but the question is, once it [stockpile] is processed and they bring in more spoils for process, what happens then.”
A visibility assessment was carried out in May and the assessment showed stockpiles to be 6 metres higher than the permitted agreement on the site but states this was due to a major electricity cable needing to be repaired and the piles, on a normal day would meet the allowance of 12.45 metres.
The public consultation runs until September 10 and comments can be made either online or in writing.
Details for the plan can be found at