ANGRY residents have hit out at a railway company after three years of daily ‘screeching’ from a nearby railway.

Those living in Botley Road in Romsey say the noise coming from the track behind their homes is “awful” and even forces people to cover their ears or stay inside.

The houses run adjacent to the line, which is on a slight curb, but those living there say they never had trouble with loud noises, but since work took place three years ago, the sound got worse.

Despite complaining to Network Rail though, they say nothing has been done and that they are “being ignored”.

One resident, Nicky Smith, 67, lives on Botley Road with her husband and said: “It’s just awful. Everything was fine until three years ago and they did something to the lines and all of a sudden it changed from being a normal train noise to this awful screech.

“My grandchildren are three and six and if it’s a bad one they actually put their hands over their ears.

“People that come round to my garden just can’t believe it. It’s like swords clashing. In the summer you feel like you don’t want to sit out there.”

A Network Rail spokesperson told the Echo that the company provides lubricators for the tracks to ease the passage of the trains.

But resident, Nicky La Gumina, 55, doesn’t think there is enough as the noise is still “absolutely grinding” and happens around three or four times a day.

She said: “I’ve lived here 32 years. They know that there’s a problem because so many people have reported it.

“Somebody who lives on Winchester road said they are plagued by the noise, and they’re actually no where near as close as I am.”

Nicky has also used a decibel metre on her phone, and claimed that she’d recorded sounds of over 90 decibels.

“I love my house and I like the community, I just don’t like the noise.”

The Network Rail spokesperson added: “We have received a number of complaints about the track noise close to Botley station in Hampshire, where trains go round a sharp bend and the inside of train wheels rub against the rails.

“We have re-greased the rails, and installed an updated type of lubricator too, alongside our regular inspections of the track. We will continue to work with residents and keep on top of this issue.”