HALLOWEEN is often a great time for spooky family fun, but unfortunately it is often full of plastic. Here are some top tips for a plastic free Halloween.

1. Bring costumes back from the dead - It can be great fun dressing up as your favourite spooky character, but an incredible 7 million Halloween costumes are thrown away each year in the UK. Avoid this by making your own costume from old clothes or cardboard or renting a costume just for the night.

2. Reusable treat containers - Upcycle a plastic tub, pillowcase or tote bag by decorating it with a spooky design.

3. Home-baked treats - Instead of individual plastic-wrapped sweets, cook up some fudge or bake your own spooky cookies for children to decorate.

4. Decorate with creativity - Get creative and make decorations that are recyclable such as paper ghosts, bats and garlands, or an autumnal Halloween wreath made from twigs and leaves. Why not try making an autumn leaf lantern using old jam jars and leaves or brown string to create spider webs.