A QUALIFIED chiropractor set up a practice in Romsey during lockdown to offer a holistic approach to musculoskeletal pains.

Sam Ogilvie works under the Back to Roots organisation and has now started a B2R programme in the town.

At B2R, Sam can support her clients with Musculoskeletal pain such as back pain, neck pain and joint pain which currently accounts for around 30% of GP consultations.

Sam said: “Whilst many people think that medication and surgery is the answer, usage of opioid medications and surgery rates have been increasing, rates of musculoskeletal pain, like back and neck pain, have also been increasing.

“The pandemic has delayed many people's treatment pathways so they may be in pain and in limbo without a clear path forward.

“Guidelines for the treatment for musculoskeletal pain encourage self-management and exercise therapies but many believe that surgery, medication, and passive treatments like massage and manual therapy are the answer.”

Sam first came into contact with the B2R team when Luke Davies, founder and Paul McCambridge, director, took over the rehabilitation curriculum in the University of South Wales in 2018. Sam then graduated as a Chiropractor and returned to her roots in Romsey.

Sam continued: “Before the pandemic started, I suffered from shoulder pain, particularly when doing overhead activities. I'd tried many treatment types (massage, dry needling, taping, chiropractic treatment, exercises) and none of it helped for longer than a few days (I was living in Gloucester at the time).

“Just as the first lockdown happened in 2020, I started a comprehensive rehabilitation programme that included education about how pain works and a structured exercise plan to follow. After about 3 months, I had a huge improvement in my shoulder function, I could even do pull-ups, and my pain seemed to vanish.

“I'd already trained as a chiropractor so this inspired me to expand my skill set to include rehabilitation and pain neuroscience education alongside the manual treatments.

“I returned to my roots here in Romsey to start my own business helping others who experience persistent aches and pains through chiropractic and rehabilitation programmes.

“My personal experience with rehabilitation exercises for my shoulder pain was that they were quite boring and repetitive, and I struggled to be motivated to do them especially when I didn't have much guidance. I pride myself on having a playful approach where rehabilitation exercises can be part of a task or game where I am able to guide the client through different ways of moving that are enjoyable as well as beneficial to their health and improve their pain.

“My aim is to get my clients out of pain, or to the point where they can manage their pain on their own.”

Sam says feedback from clients has so far been positive. One review says: “I’m currently working with Sam, and my neck and shoulder pain is the best it has been for years. The sessions are fun and so informative too. Such a different experience to the usual chiropractic/osteopathy appointments.”

Another says: “'Before seeing Sam, I had chronic foot pain and cramp which was very debilitating. Since working with Sam, I've gone on and done things I never thought I could do. I have done five or six-mile walks while on holiday for the first time in five years; I've been on a static bike for the first time in five years and I have been more confidence in doing things like jumping, which is an unrelated side effect of managing my pain better.”

For more information contact by emailing sam@backtoroots.community or by telephone on 07563604804.