SIR: Members of the National Trust are being ask to vote on a members’ resolution to end trail hunting, exempt hunting and hound exercise on all Trust land. This will be the second time such a vote has taken place in four years; the previous attempt having been defeated only four years ago. Even then, only 1.2 per cent of eligible members took part in the vote.

It cannot be right that during these difficult times, particularly for charities, resources are being wasted debating an issue which clearly isn’t a priority for the vast bulk of Trust members who represent a wide demographic of our society.

Hunts who use the land for these lawful activities are required to comply with a strict licensing policy. The Trust’s Board of Trustees have stated they are satisfied with the implementation of, and the compliance with, the licensing conditions.

If you are a National Trust member and you believe Trust land should be open for all to enjoy, in line with the Trust’s mantra of “For everyone, for ever”, then please vote against this motion. Voting can be done online and closes on October 22nd 2021. For more information visit

Polly Portwin

Countryside Alliance