I HAVE spent the last week chairing the Bill Committee for the Subsidy Control Bill, which has been a fascinating line by line scrutiny of the legislation to replace State Aid Rules. Being part of the Panel of Chairs is one of my responsibilities, and whilst Chairing in Westminster Hall is always very varied, Bill Committees are a very different beast, which take up a great deal of the week.

COP26 in Glasgow has been taking place all this week and continues next. What matters to me is that the fine words from COP are translated into real global action, we can’t keep talking about change, we all have to live it. That will undoubtedly lead to some very difficult decisions, and the political challenge will be about taking people with us on that journey. I was pleased to see announcements around methane, much of which is derived from landfill, and of course the immediate Romsey area knows all about landfill.

As Remembrance Sunday approaches the Industry and Parliament Trust has been here supporting the Poppy Appeal with their annual Poppy Ride. This becomes a phenomenally competitive affair as MPs strive to pedal the furthest on a static bike within 5 minutes. I was very impressed with my colleague Alex Chalk who is a keen cyclist and managed to pedal 3.4km, much better than the 2.5 I got to.

Thursday night saw the Test Valley Business Awards, which is a great event celebrating the innovative local businesses we have in the Borough. I did rather feel for the guests who had to put up with me as guest speaker, nowhere near as entertaining as previous speakers who have included Jenni Murray, the Reverend Richard Coles and a lion tamer. It did, however, mean I could nominate local charity Jane Scarth House as the recipients of charity donations from the night, and had a legitimate excuse not to do Question Time which was from Eastleigh this week.

Rt Hon Caroline Nokes MP

Member of Parliament for Romsey and Southampton North

Chair of the Women and Equalities Select Committee