THE Knightwood BMX Club have received £1,000 from Hampshire County Council, £1,000 from Test Valley Borough Council and a further £500 from Valley Park Parish council after a surge in interest following on from Great Britain’s BMX wins at the Olympics this year.

Knightwood BMX club is based at the Test Valley Borough Council BMX track at Knightwood Leisure Centre, Chandler's Ford.

Hilary Blaker, volunteer at Knightwoods BMX Club, said: “The club is proud of its track which is not actually a full-size BMX track. Through regular maintenance the volunteers within the club keep the track safe for not only club use, but also for the community as the track is open to anyone 365 days of the year.

“Ensuring sufficient equipment and track maintenance does come at a price. With rising costs and increasing numbers the club has recently had to apply to Test Valley Borough Council and Valley Park Parish Council for financial support. Thanks to the support from our local County Councillor Alan Dowden, we have been successful in our applications for grant funding through the Test Valley County Council grant and the Test Valley Community Grant along with securing additional funding support from Valley Park Parish Council.

“The club will be working with Test Valley Borough Council over the next couple of months whilst we conduct a review of the fencing and other maintenance issues with the track and we continue to be ever grateful of their support.”

The club is run completely by volunteers and has over 100 children participating in weekly lessons. Hilary continues: “Enabling all ages and abilities to learn the important skill of riding a bike is the fundamental aim of the club.

“With volunteer coaches the club welcomes any new member young or old, and we even have BMX bikes and safety helmets that members can borrow.

“Thanks to the Olympics and Covid restrictions being lifted, the club has seen an influx of new members and is especially proud of how many young girls are now taking part.

“BMX can be an expensive sport but the club prides itself on the range of equipment available to hire which removes any financial barriers that families may have.

For those who would like to know more about Knightwood BMX club visit their Facebook page or email