POLICE are looking for the driver of a vehicle after they trespassed onto land at Broadlands Estate causing the death of a deer and criminal damage to an aircraft.

Andrew Forrester, estate manager, said: "It's a joyrider who's gone into the field, it was a big buck they hit. I don't know if they were after it or it got in the way. I don't know what the motive is but they've caused a nuisance. The land is gated but ultimately if you're going to damage your car, then, you could mount the banks?"

A post shared to Facebook by Andrea Good said: "SUBSTANTIAL REWARD offered for information leading to prosecution!! PLEASE SHARE!!!

"Last night what can only be described as brain dead morons drove a vehicle across agricultural land between Ower and Romsey. The occupants of the vehicle then broke into containers and stole a generator and a petrol disc cutter. The value of these items is nominal compared to the damage they did.

"In the first instance they have joy ridden the vehicle across the fields chasing, hitting a beautiful stag leaving him to die a slow painful death.

"Not satisfied with that destruction they reversed the vehicle at speed into the aircraft that my 75 year old father and brother have spent three years restoring, a project that has been a labour of love and was only weeks away from completion.

"They then burnt out the vehicle and unless they walked home carrying a generator and a disc cutter, were picked up by another vehicle.

"The tools stolen are of nominal value but the damage to the aircraft is substantial and it is this mindless destruction that was of no value to them that is truly heartbreaking, accordingly there is a reward (far exceeding the value of the tools taken) to anyone providing information that leads to the prosecution of those responsible.

"Please can anyone in the area check cctv."

A spokesman for Hampshire Constabulary said: “Officers received a report of a burglary and criminal damage incident on the Broadlands Estate in Romsey on Tuesday November 16.

“It is reported that a Mitsubishi Shogun entered the grounds of the estate between Sunday November 14 and Tuesday November 16 and collided with a deer – which was later declared deceased by estate staff.

“It is believed that the vehicle has then entered an open-ended aircraft hangar, reversing into a Cessna aircraft – causing significant damage to the aircraft.

“The vehicle was then located, abandoned at the rear of the airfield after having been set alight.

“A generator and an electric stone disc cutter were stolen from the hangar, with the generator later being recovered and returned to the victim. If anyone has any information relating to this incident, they are asked to call 101 quoting 44210460256.”