A MAN died by hanging at his home address after a decline in his mental health.

Timothy Pike, 41 was found at his home at The Vineyard near the Highstreet in Stockbridge after family reported concerns he had not responded to a text message.

Police attended the property on February 3 this year where Mr Pike was pronounced dead at the scene an inquest heard.

Mr Pike had a history of mental health and in April 2020, a deterioration had led to him being admitted and treated as an inpatient at the Priory for a period of ten days and was then discharged.

After this, Mr Pike engaged well with psychiatrists, had frequent counselling sessions, and was taking medication for depression and anxiety but Mr Pikes moods had continued to fluctuate according to medical notes.

Mr Pike had taken redundancy from his work as a trader in merchant markets. His family believed the stress and pressure of his work had exacerbated his mental health which caused his behaviour at home to sometimes be volatile leading to a breakdown in relations with his wife and subsequently to a separation.

After a period of living with his mother and father, he took on his own rented accommodation at The Vineyard. Around this time, Mr Pike had begun to disengage with support services.

In November 2020, Mr Pike had intentions of self-harm but did not go through with it.

In December 2020, family had reported a further decline in Mr Pikes health and had attempted to discuss it with the mental health team supporting him but due to patient confidentiality, staff could not talk with the family.

Mr Pikes father, Terry Pike said: “Tim packed so much into his life. His family was everything to Tim. Tim was successful but not one to boast.

“He had a horrible illness called depression. It put enormous pressure on Lucy (wife) and his children. It was hard to witness.”

Concluding the inquest at Winchester Coroners Court, Rosamund Rhodes-Kemp, area coroner said: “I think he had an enormous amount to give. We know the cause of death, it’s quite obvious he had a long history associated with work stress. He had support but his situation clearly deteriorated. He thought about taking his own life in November and never came back from that.

“His disengagement from support and the letters he wrote, he did intend to take his own life. The conclusion is suicide.”