WE are now well into the New Year and the weather has been anything but predictable.

As you can see by the pictures taken by Romsey Camera Club this week, some days, breakfast meant mist, fog and ice on the ground whilst others portray glorious red skies as if the sun would break out at any moment. 

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Debbie Beale revealed another glimpse into the views she revels in daily whilst Andy Louch captured the Romsey Abbey in the silence before Romsey awakens.

Claire Treacy captured ‘Dickensian Romsey’ a scene fit for ‘Film Noir’.

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If you have any pictures you would like to share for your chance to be published in our weekly edition of the Romsey Advertiser, please post them to the Romsey Advertiser Camera Club page at facebook.com/groups/2960810747519085. It is free to join.

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