THE Liberal Democrats have retained the North Baddesley ward on Test Valley Borough Council.

Geoff Cooper comfortably held off the Conservative challenge from George McMenemy, the grandson of former Saints manager Lawrie.

Cllr Cooper polled 1,095 votes to Mr McMenemy's 618. The turn out was 29.65 per cent.

The poll yesterday followed the resignation of Simon Cross due to ill health.

Cllr Cooper works as a commercial manager for an international company with responsibilities across both UK and European markets.

In a tweet last night after the result was declared he said: "Very happy to announce that I have been elected the new Test Valley Borough councillor for North Baddesley. Thanks to the amazing @LibDems team for all their support."

He is the son of veteran Test Valley borough councillor Mark Cooper, who led the council in 1995-98.

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