A GARDEN-SHARING scheme, aimed at getting people to grow their own fruit and veg to help cut carbon emissions, could be set up in Romsey.

The idea is part of the Transition Towns initiative in which communities become more self-sufficient and reduce their carbon footprint.

Margaret Hobbs, a member of the group behind the project, said:“We would love to hear from people interested in helping Romsey grow more of it own food.

“We are hoping to set up a garden-share scheme to match people who want to grow food with others who have space for growing food but, perhaps, not enough time or energy,” said Mrs Hobbs, who is also in a member of the Better Bags for Romsey campaign group.

She said a “local food” group would be part of the Transition Town scheme.

Growing your own food was healthy and fun, said Mrs Hobbs and it also reduced carbon emissions produced by car trips to the shops.

Anyone interested in taking part can e-mail Margaret at m.hobbs@ukonline.co.uk or contact her at 12, Middlebridge Street, Romsey.