ROMSEY’S MP is remaining tight-lipped over national newspaper allegations that she’s had a four-year affair with a Tory councillor from Suffolk.

Mrs Nokes refused to confirm or deny allegations which first appeared in the Sunday Mirror and then in a number of national dailies on Monday. But she did tell the Romsey Advertiser, exclusively, that she had been betrayed by a friend.

“Someone I considered to be a friend chose to make a statement to the media. I’d now simply like to be left in peace with my husband, Marc and our daughter to sort things out,” said 37-year-old Mrs Nokes, who lives at West Wellow.

The shock revelations came just five weeks after Mrs Nokes regained the Romsey seat for the Conservatives from the Lib Dems after 10 years.

Romsey Conservative Association’s chairman, Ian Newnham, denied prior knowledge of the alleged affair and gave his full backing to Mrs Nokes.

He said: “Caroline’s private life is her private life. She was a fantastic candidate and I am confident that she will be the best MP the constituency has ever had. I hope people will allow Caroline and her husband some space.”

Mrs Nokes parents, Roy and Veronica Perry, said they were stunned by stories in the press accusing their daughter of cheating on her husband with 27-year-old James Dinsdale, who she is said to have first met at the Tory party conference in Bournemouth in 2006.

Mr Perry, deputy leader of Hampshire County Council, said: “My wife and I have been saddened and shocked to learn of stories in the press about our daughter, Caroline. At this very difficult time for our family, our thoughts are above all with our granddaughter, our wonderful son-in-law, Marc and our daughter.”

He added: “She is to us a daughter whom we love dearly, who has great qualities and abilities and we sincerely hope that their marriage will come through this difficult time.” It is claimed Mrs Nokes, labelled by the national press as a “Cameron Cutie”, met up with Mr Dinsdale the “swanky” Kensington Close Hotel in London last Monday, where she is alleged to have spent about two hours in a room with the former executive of Conservative Future – the party’s youth wing.

Before arriving at the hotel, Mrs Nokes is reported to have texted Mr Dinsdale from inside the Commons debating chamber, moaning she was “bored to death” during a debate on political reform.

The Sunday Mirror carried pictures of Mrs Nokes apparently greeting Mr Dinsdale at her hotel room door.

Mr Dinsdale who is Conservative councillor for Westgate, in Suffolk, told the Sunday Mirror: “I can confirm Caroline Nokes and I have had a sexual relationship. I have no further comment.”

David Cameron came to Romsey to campaign for Mrs Nokes in May. This week, the Conservative Party’s national HQ declined to comment on the Dinsdale story.

An Advertiser reader, who wished to remain anonymous, but who had canvassed for Mrs Nokes in the General Election, said: “Romsey is a very respectable town and what she has been doing is sleazy.”

“I’m not the only one who is extremely put out.” She has been compromised as a Member of Parliament. She will never live this down.”

Readers posting comments on the Advertiser website seemed almost as angry that Mrs Nokes was “bored” during a debate as they were about the alleged affair.

Mrs Nokes married her landscape gardener husband, Marc, in June, 1995 and the couple have an 11-year-old daughter, Tabitha.