SATURDAY’S Beggars Fair was marred with drink-fuelled rowdy behaviour on Romsey’s streets.

Police say pub landlords stepped in and closed numerous watering holes across the town after a mob of between 20 and 30 yobs started causing trouble shortly after 4pm.

Beggars Fair chairman Delsia Bartlett said a lot of people were too busy enjoy themselves that they didn’t see what happened.

“There was a running street fight in the cut way between Boots and Martin’s newsagents at about 4.15pm and it was heading up towards the Tavern pub and we alerted the police,” said Delsia, who confirmed that a disabled man was knocked to the ground when he was caught up in the incident.

Delsia, added: “We are very disappointed a few people spoilt it for others. The majority of people had a good time and Romsey was buzzing. We will be meeting the police and publicans to get their views.”

It was also reported, but not confirmed by the police, that a baby suffered a nose injury after being hit in the face by a bottle at the Beggars Fair. However, officers did acknowledge, they received a report of a five-month-old baby being hit by an object.

Romsey Railway Station was littered with empty bottles and other debris following the Beggars Fair event and Test Valley’s street cleaners removed piles of rubbish from the town’s streets.

However, officers are not linking an attack at Cupernham Lane in the town during the early hours of Saturday, in which a Southampton man was hospitalised after suffering serious head injuries, with Beggars Fair activities.