A PURPOSE-built giant ambulance will pull into Romsey next month.

The new Jumbulance – a cross between a coach and an ambulance – which cost £332,000, will be used to take people with disabilities and severe illnesses on holidays.

The vehicle is owned by the Jumbulance Trust and representatives will be on board promoting the vital service it offers.

The Jumbulance is due to arrive in the Cornmarket at around 10am on Thursday, February 16 and will stay until 3pm.

Christine Chisholm, a Jumbulance trustee, said: “We hope people will go on board and have a look around the vehicle, particularly the disabled.

“They will be able to see what facilities it has. It has a platform lift so people can be taken up inside the Jumbulance. It’s like a coach, but it is kitted out with medical facilities, toilets for the disabled and beds.

The trust has two Jumbulances. Cash for the latest vehicle was raised through several events, including a 190-mile coast-to-coast walk from St Bee’s Head, in Cumbria, to Robin Hood’s Bay in Yorkshire, last year.

Christine’s husband, Iain, took part in the walk, which raised £32,000.

Pointing out that there was strong demand for places on the Jumbulance, Christine added: “We organise holidays for the sick and disabled (we call them VIPs) in the UK and Europe and quickly fill spaces on the Jumbulance. “ On every trip there are two nurses and a doctor on board.

Find out more at www.jumbulance.org.uk.