PLANS to convert an office into six flats have been re-submitted after they were refused by the council earlier this year.

Test Valley Borough Council refused permission to change the use of offices in Bridge Street, Andover, into flats in March, because of concerns regarding noise from nearby commercial premises, including a restaurant.

The refusal said: “…the application does not demonstrate that future occupants would not be at risk of unacceptable levels of noise pollution.”

The applicant has now re-submitted the plans addressing the issues raised.

Two of the proposed units have been changed to maisonettes, which it said have “more separation and therefore provide a greater degree of noise protection”.

A noise survey was also carried out, which found that noise from the nearby restaurant in Bridge Street, from the kitchen extractor and chiller unit, were “either within acceptable limits or can be addressed by suitable secondary glazing”.

It also addressed concerns regarding smells coming from the restaurant, saying: “It is clear there is an issue with the current equipment as complaints have been made regarding the unit. On the basis that this is being dealt with as a separate enforcement issue, we see no impact from the odour issue as the unit will have to be brought up to standard as part of the enforcement action.”

The applicant altered the scheme to deal with issues regarding flooding, including providing alternative access for some of the flats away from possible flood water within the car park area.

It added: “Suitable flood proofing measures to reduce the impact of flooding are to be undertaken, including barriers to ground floor doors, access points etc, bringing in electrical services at higher levels, locating plugs etc at higher level to avoid possible flood levels.”