A HOUSING association is taking action after it was accused of attempting to ‘mask’ a mould problem that has plagued a family home for four years.

Emma and Wayne Racey, of Nether Wallop, say that mould has been an issue at their home in Alywards Way since 2015 when they moved in.

The situation has got so bad that they have had to move their son out of his bedroom and into the living room, with the family accusing Aster of “not sorting the root of the problem”.

Aster responded, noting that the company had spent “some time” working with Emma’s ex-partner, Ian Lake, who is still listed on the lease for the house, in a bid to find a solution.

But Ian says that the company had not been in touch with him since he left the property a number of years ago, with Emma and Wayne adding that they were at their “wits end” trying to sort the issue.

Now Aster has said it will be taking action tomorrow (Tuesday).

It will carry out “data reader checks” to gauge the humidity and temperature at the property, before using the meeting to “advise on any next steps” to be taken.

No details have been shared as to what those next steps entail.

A spokesperson for the company said: “We spoke to the family earlier this week and arranged to visit their home on Tuesday to take the readings from the data reader we recently installed.

“The data reader checks the humidity and temperature in the property.

“Once we have the readings we’ll be able to advise on any next steps but we would advise the family to continue to heat and properly ventilate every room to limit the amount of condensation in their home.”

Wayne has confirmed that Aster will be visiting the property on Tuesday.