Pubs, restaurants and hair salons are all gearing up for what is set to be a busy - if cautious - first weekend reopening on Saturday, after more than four months.

On Saturday, our reporter will be out and about in Andover capturing the mood as the next stage of lockdown easing commences.

When we asked Andover Advertisers readers online how they felt about more venues reopening, the response was mixed.

According to a YouGov poll, the public strongly support measures to allow people to meet with one other household indoors - with 71 per cent to 22 per cent believing it is a good idea.

But there has been a drop in the number of people who think additional shops and venues should be able to open this weekend. While 55 per cent of people still support the change, this is down from 64 per cent of people, polled straight after the announcement.

And the survey showed 48 per cent believe the measures are going too far in relaxing the rules with just seven per cent of those asked believing the measures don't go far enough.

Chris Curtis, of YouGov, said: "It isn't clear what has caused this change [drop in public support]. I suspect it is more likely that the shhift in sentiment ws sparked by images of packed beaches and parks over the hot weekend. Polling has shown a large majority of the public (74 per cent) are worried about a second wave of coronavirus."

Only time will tell whether being prudent pays off. How are you feeling? Do let me know:

n THIS Sunday it is the 72nd birthday of our National Health Service. It feels more poignant than ever to recognise this date this year after the outstanding work of employees at Andover War Memorial Hospital who have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic to keep the public safe.

There will be a 'thank you clap' for the NHS at 5pm on Sunday. There is a free poster on page 47 which you can display in your window to show your support.