Discovery of cow bones found in an Andover village playing field sparked fear amongst the community that they could have unearthed human remains.

But, to residents relief, it was unlike Midsomer Murders after councillors John Bentley, Mark Thomas and Ian Kitson were putting in a new see saw to find cow bones buried deep under King George V playing field.

Clerk to Hurstbourne Tarrant parish Council, Miriam Edwards, told the Advertiser: "Cllr Bentley found these cow bones when they were taking out the old see saw.

"We don't know how old these cow bones are.

"There have been no cows on the field since 1937 because the land was bequeathed to the Parish Council and used to be farm land.

"Now, it is a recreation ground."

Describing the initial fear the community felt when they thought it could be something else, Miriam said: "It's not Midsomer Murders, it's a bovine death."

Cllr Kitson's JCB was able to dig a hole for the new see saw, built from scratch, and were able to make use of the wood donated from a resident.