Plans to build a mansion worth tens of millions of pounds on the site of a former airfield have been resubmitted to the council after the previous set were withdrawn.

Planning permission for ‘Hurstbourne Manor’, to be built on Bourne Park Airfield, near Hurstbourne Tarrant, was granted in June 2020, but new plans, specifying a larger house, were submitted and then withdrawn later that year.

Plans are now afoot to adjust the original plans, for a 30 room house, to be adjusted so that a basement can be added, comprising of a wine store, a cinema room, plant room and toilet.

According to Sherbourne Developments, the house will launch at over £11.5 million and will be “a truly private, yet accessible retreat in the middle of the countryside.”

Much of the former airfield will be demolished as part of the plans; the house being built on top of the runway, though some sections of the buildings from the hangar complex will be kept for agricultural purposes and to provide a bat roost.

The plans also aim to enhance the biodiversity of the site, including bird and bat nesting structures as part of the house itself, as well as the planting of over five hectares of oak and beech forest.

These trees will provide a wildlife corridor between Doles Wood and Rag Copse, which is hoped to “reduce non-native species, increase cover and enhance habitat linkages and wildlife corridors running north to south.”

A wildflower meadow will also be established, which is aimed at supporting butterflies, moths, badgers and birds in the area.

When the plans were submitted in 2018, they met with wide approval from local residents, who described the noise from the airfield as a “nuisance.” Parish Councillors, meanwhile, gave their “unanimous support” to the 2018 plans.

An updated version of the plans, specifying a house with 50 rooms including a basement, had been submitted but was withdrawn, following concerns being raised about a potential impact on bat roosting by ecology officers.

This latest application will now be considered by Test Valley Borough Council, who will respond in due course.