A FULL-time carer who describes herself as a ‘sexy Robin Hood’ came up with an unusual way to raise more than £100,000 for charity.

Fran Sawyer, had first hand experience of how difficult it can be for families who have children with disabilities after her son was born with a teratoma tumour.

When the mother-of-two realised the cost of getting a wheelchair for her son, she decided to try and help other families to raise the money.

“I started out by trying to raise awareness by selling t-shirts,” said the 51-year-old, “but I wasn’t getting much success.

“One day I was one Twitter and I saw all these women posting sexy photos of themselves and getting all this attention and people offering them things, so I thought why not.

“So I posted a picture as a ‘hot secretary’ and my followers instantly went up. So I thought I could use this to help others.”

She added: “People would want to buy the pictures and I would make them make a donation to a wheelchair charity and send me the screenshot as proof they had done it.”

Having started posting pictures when she was 46-years-old, by the time Beggarwood resident stopped she had more than 500,000 followers on Twitter and believes the money she has raised has held 24 families afford to buy a wheelchair.

In doing the risky fundraising Fran said that she had to grow thick skin quite quickly, but in the back of her mind knew that what she was doing was for a good cause.

When she came up with the idea, the full-time carer said she had to come up with an alter ego and almost detach herself from her day job.

She added: “People were so quick to judge, and I did lose some friends when they found out what I was doing, but I never went too far I knew my limits.

“I approached the whole thing as I was in character and that I was playing a role. I based myself on Stifler’s mum from the American Pie films and just had fun with it.

“I’d be doing the hoovering, take a quick snap, then back to the hoovering.”