A BASINGSTOKE man’s body had decomposed so badly that experts were unable to determine a cause of death, an inquest has heard.

David Bone, of Malmesbury Field, was described by neighbours as ‘a loner and a recluse’ and had become estranged from his family.

He was found dead in his kitchen in September 2019, an inquest heard last week. A post-mortem noted that his body was so badly decomposed that a medical cause of death could not be determined.

The 63-year-old’s last known communication was two months before he was found dead by police officers, who had been notified by a concerned neighbour.

However, a pathologist had been unable to conclude when exactly Mr Bone had died.

An inquest at Basingstoke coroners court on Monday, January 13, heard that the painter and decorator turned warehouseman had been described by others who lived in his building as a “recluse and a bit of a loner.”

He had become estranged from his family, including his two daughters, around 12 years prior due to “domestic violence” issues. And though both of his daughters attended Monday’s inquest, neither was still in contact with their father.

One of his estranged daughters said: “Even his Mum and Dad, who literally lived a five-minute walk aware, hadn’t seen him for a good 14 years.”

It was also revealed that others who lived in his building had said that that her father “kept himself to himself,” that he “didn’t really talk to anyone” and would pretend to talk to people on his phone when he was leaving the building.

“He didn’t keep in contact with anyone,” his daughter added.

Mr Bone had lived at Malmesbury Field, a property owned by Sovereign Housing Association, since 2016.

His last known contact with anyone was on July 14, 2019, when he accidentally set the smoke detector off while cleaning.

Two months later, on September 11, he was found dead on his kitchen floor by police.

Officers noted no evidence of third-party interference, violence or suspicious activity.

A letter from Mr Bone’s GP noted that the practice had “little contact” with him over the years, other than a diagnosis of hypertension in 2016. He was then meant to go back to get his blood pressure checked but didn’t.

In outlining his conclusion, area corner Jason Pegg said: “This 63-year-old man had a past medical history of high blood pressure, he was a heavy smoker, and there was some concern from the GP practice that he had problems with his heart.

“David Bone was estranged from his family for 12 years or so and from the evidence I have heard from those who knew of him, they didn’t know much about him.

“People [at Malmesbury Field] described him as a loner and a bit of a recluse.”

“The last known contact was on July 14, 2019, when he activated the smoke detector and spoke over the communication system with someone from Sovereign Housing Association.”

Mr Pegg also explained how the post-mortem found that “the state of decomposition is such that a medical cause of death cannot be ascertained."

He continued: “The date of death couldn’t be determined and is therefore recorded on the date on which he was found. So, the medical cause of death can’t be ascertained.

“The only conclusion I can give is what’s called an open conclusion.”

Addressing the deceased daughter’s, he added: “It is unclear how David Bone, your father, came by his death.”