A MOTHER from Hartley Wintney has undertaken an epic marathon on skis in Sweden.

Robyn Woronka spent two days skiing across Lapland, covering the traditional 26.2 mile distance through the frozen landscape of the sub-Arctic.

It was all in aid of Walk the Walk, a charity that raises money to support people with breast cancer.

However, Robyn took the challenge in her stride, saying: "I grew up in Canada so it was different for me then living in England.

"The barrenness and bleakness and the beauty of the north is just breath-taking.

"Just to be away from everything was absolutely blissful, but challenging with the cold and the amounts of snow and skiing. We did 20 kilometres the first day and 24 the second."

After spending eight to ten hours a day on skis, Robyn and the team stayed overnight in mountain huts with no electricity.

"The first morning that we was there we had to take snowmobiles out there where we started," Robyn continued.

"It was quite snowy and blowy and we couldn’t see anything other than white. There aren’t very many trees, there is nothing except snow.

"I think we all just feel so fortunate we were able to do it.

"If it was a week later then they would have probably cancelled it.

"We all had our hand gel but we were all aware of it.

"One of the best bits is from the minute you sign up the lead up to it and the fundraising we do everyday, the training walks, there was so many benefits we had before we even did the challenge.

"I was thinking initially it was about getting to the Arctic and doing the challenge but that was just the icing on the cake."

After completing the challenge, the team celebrated at the world-famous Ice Hotel.

The Arctic Challenge was organised by breast cancer charity, Walk the Walk, best known for organising The MoonWalk events in London, Scotland and Iceland. To find out more, or to sign up for a challenge, visit www.walkthewalk.org.