Amidst any form of anxiety or uncertainty, such as we are all going through at the moment, it’s always good to have a bit of normality in our lives.

Thanks to modern technology those of us who love going to church on a Sunday can now receive live streamed Sunday Worship in our own homes.

At The Salvation Army church, Lt. Rob Westwood-Payne has worked tirelessly to not only bring us together on Sunday mornings, but he has also set up a weekly virtual “coffee morning” and Prayer “meeting” using Zoom, where we can all see each other too.

It’s so comforting to be able to all speak together and keep in touch. It helps those in particular who are having to self isolate and, of course, being able to Worship and pray together helps us all to cope with the situation.

If anyone would like to share our in our Sunday Worship, which includes videos of singing and Salvation Army bands, then just go to the Salvation Army, Basingstoke, Facebook page where you will find Quarantine Worship and hopefully you will be as uplifted for an hour between 11 and 12 noon as we all are!

So, thank you Lt Rob, and all church leaders, for looking after our Spiritual Wellbeing during this unprecedented Coronavirus crisis. God bless you all.

Gina Oxer, Pitman Close