WICKHAM Community Centre has been hosting a mobile coronavirus testing facility – but not all villagers are in support.

Hampshire County Council has three units that move across the county to ensure all residents have access to tests.

The site in Mill Lane, Wickham, has been used twice and is earmarked for future visits.

But one resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, says this puts children in danger.

They told the Chronicle: "The Hampshire Reliance Unit for Covid19 has designated a basketball pitch and a children’s playground as a suitable place to do Covid19 test it for it’s mobile testing unit in Wickham.

"This puts children in danger and the whole village of 14,000 people.”

The county council says this is not the case.

All visitors must remain in their cars when being tested. The facility is always set up in the car park.

Simon Bryant, director of public health at Hampshire County Council said: “In support of the national COVID testing programme, the county council is working with partners to arrange testing locations both within Hampshire, as well as in the neighbouring authorities of Southampton, Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight.

"A key part of this is the deployment of three mobile testing units which rotate across the county, staying in a variety of places for two to three days at a time.

"This ensures fair access to testing for all Hampshire residents. The site in Wickham, based in the car park of the local community centre, is one of these locations and has been visited twice previously.

"Only those who have booked a test online or by calling 119 can access a test on the site.

"Anyone attending the Wickham site will have been advised that they must remain in their car at all times. This protects others attending the site as well as the local community."

The Chronicle has asked the council for a full list of locations in the county and awaits a response.