IT was a roaring success - in more ways than one.

More than 30,000 spectators flocked to Matterley Basin, near Winchester, to watch the world's top riders take part in this year's Motocross Festival.

The award-winning circuit played host to the British Motocross Grand Prix - the penultimate round in this year's world championships.

The four-day event, which ended yesterday, attracted 420 riders from all over the globe.

Many of the competitors came from France, Italy and Russia while others travelled to Winchester from Japan and the USA.

But the UK was also represented, with about 100 entrants from across the country taking part.

Designed by the internationally-renowned Johnny Douglas Hamilton, the long, looping track is situated in a valley.

Its position provides spectators with an unparalleled view of the action, with most of the circuit visible from all the main vantage points.

The track aims to make the most of the valley's natural hills and cambers and also includes spectacular jumps that send bikes soaring into the air.

About 10,000 people watched the action yesterday.

Promoter Steve Dixon praised the family atmosphere and added: “Everything went really smoothly. There were no issues and no traffic problems.

“The event was first held last year and a lot of things have improved since then.

“Everything was a lot slicker and better organised.”