Southampton Diving Academy opened the new competitive diving season by retaining its own 17th Southampton Invitational competition.

This three-day event attracted 149 of the best young divers in Great Britain.

Girls 16+: Ella Anderson took a bronze in the Platform event and a silver in the 3m event also making the final on the 1m with an eventual fifth place.

Boys 16+: Alex Walton made the podium in all three events, taking bronze on the 1m, silver on the platform (scoring 7s for his front 3.5 somersaults from the 10m) and gold on the 3m in a hard-fought contest.

SDA Girls 14/15: Four SDA girls made the finals on the 1m and it was incredibly close.

The top four were separated by just 0.7 points with Maya Kutty taking the silver (missing out on the gold by 0.05) and Evie Johnson the bronze; Lauren Hallaselka in fourth and Tilly Brown diving up an age group finishing in fifth.

Evie took a silver on the 3m with Maya making the finals and finishing in sixth place.

On the platform however Evie dominated the preliminaries and took a well deserved gold in the finals to complete her set, with Maya finishing fourth, Victoria Low in fifth and Tilly again making finals in sixth.

Boys 14/15: SDA were dominant throughout, taking at least two medals on each board. On the 1m, four SDA boys made finals, with Robbie Lee taking gold and Leon Bake silver.

Oliver Cazaly was fifth and Milo French sixth.

Five SDA boys made the 3m final and there was a clean sweep on the podium.

Nathan Bull took gold, Leon his second silver and Robbie the bronze. Milo was fifth and Oliver sixth.

The platform final was intense with some huge scoring dives from Leon and Robbie, separated by only 0.6.

Leon took gold and Robbie was pipped to silver in spite of a massive score for his front 3.5 somersaults off the 10m. Nathan was fourth, Ethan Bennett fifth and Milo sixth.

Girls 12/13: Freya Kelly fought hard to take silver on the 1m by 0.25and snatched bronze on the platform.

Boys 12/13: Bevan Woolley held on for the bronze on the 1m and finished sixth and fifth on the 3m and platform respectively.

Teammate Bryn James finished fourth in the 3m final but took a bronze on the platform again in a very close-fought event.

Oliver Wignall dived out of his skin to finish fourth in the final, just 0.35 behind Bryn with the lowest degree of difficulty in the field and a raw score which would have seen him win gold.

Girls 10/11: Olivia Szymczak dived really well to make the 3m final, eventually finishing fourth in another very close event.

Director of Coaching, Lindsey Fraser, said: “The level of diving was very high, and our divers excelled. Well done to all divers and their coaches.”

Many other SDA divers competed at this level for the first time. The future is looking bright for the forthcoming season."


Girls Group D & Under 1m

9th Natalie Barr, 12th Abigail Tompkins, 14th Evie Tierney, 15th Olivia Szymczak, 17th Isabelle Geary, 18th Elizabeth Hart, 21st Hana Cheung

Girls Group D & Under 3m

4th Olivia Szymczak, 10th Natalie Barr, 11th Abigail Tompkins, 13th Isabelle Geary

Girls Group D & Under Platform

7th Olivia Szymczak

Boys Group D & Under 1m

9th Euan Powell

Girls Group C 1m

2nd Freya Kelly, 10th Anjali Kutty, 16th Maija Adamson, 20th Imogen Fitzsimmons, 24th Millie Groth, 27th Amber Woodford

Girls Group C 3m

7th Freya Kelly, 15th Anjali Kutty, 16th Imogen Fitzsimmons, 18th Maija Adamson, 19th Millie Groth

Girls Group C Platform

3rd Freya Kelly, 9th Imogen Fitzsimmons, 12th Maija Adamson, 17th Anjali Kutty, 21st Millie Groth

Boys Group C 1m

3rd Bevan Woolley, 7th Bryn James, 10th Reuben Havenga, 12th Oliver Wignall, 13th Jamie Akerman, 14th Malachy Walsh, 15th Luke Hardy, 21st Ryan Spiteri, 22nd Leo Tegg

Boys Group C 3m

4th Bryn James, 6th Bevan Woolley, 8th Oliver Wignall, 10th Reuben Havenga, 14th Jamie Akerman, 15th Luke Hardy, 17th Leo Tegg, 18th Malachy Walsh, 21st Ryan Spiteri

Boys Group C Platform

3rd Bryn James, 4th Oliver Wignall, 5th Bevan Woolley, 9th Jamie Akerman, 12th Reuben Havenga, 14th Luke Hardy

Girls Group B 1m

2nd Maya Kutty, 3rd Evelyna Johnson 4th Lauren Hallaselka, 5th Tilly Brown, 9th Dulcie Wilson, 15th Tia Pritchard, 16th Felicity Cronin, 18th Victoria Low, 21st Emma Bolton, 23rd Olive Ullyatt

Girls Group B 3m

2nd Evelyna Johnson, (2nd in prelims Tilly Brown), 6th Maya Kutty, 9th Dulcie Wilson, 10th Victoria Low, 11th Felicity Cronin, 12th Emma Bolton, 15th Tia Pritchard, 21st Amelie Goosey, 22nd Ashleigh Mpofu

Girls Group B Platform

1st Evelyna Johnson, 4th Maya Kutty, 5th Victoria Low, 6th Tilly Brown, 7th Dulcie Wilson, 10th Emma Bolton, 11th Tia Pritchard, 14th Lauren Hallaselka, 18th Olive Ullyatt, 19th Felicity Cronin

Boys Group B 1m

1st Robbie Lee, 3rd Leon Baker, 5th Oliver Cazaly, 6th Milo French, 8th Nathan Bull, 9th Ethan Bennett, 12th Oliver Covell, 14th Wilfred Johnson, 15th Thomas MacFadyen, 17th Max Targett, 19th Isaac Beard, 20th Kai Lanham, 22nd Illan Stead, 23rd Jak Holley

Boys Group B 3m

1st Nathan Bull, 2nd Leon Baker, 3rd Robbie Lee, 5th Milo French, 6th Oliver Cazaly, 8th Oliver Covell, 12th Ethan Bennett, 13th Kai Lanham, 15th Wilfred Johnson, 17th Thomas MacFadyen, 19th Jak Holley, 20th Isaac Beard, 21st Illan Stead, 22nd Max Targett

Boys Group B Platform

1st Leon Baker, 2nd Robbie Lee, 4th Nathan Bull, 5th Ethan Bennett, 6th Milo French, 8th Oliver Covell, 13th Max Targett, 14th Wilfred Johnson, 16th Thomas MadFadyen, 17th Kai Lanham, 18th Illan Stead, 19th Isaac Beard

Girls Group A+ 1m

5th Ella Anderson

Girls Group A+ 3m
2nd Ella Anderson

Girls Group A+ Platform

3rd Ella Anderson

Boys Group A+ 1m

3rd Alex Walton

Boys Group A+ 3m

1st Alex Walton

Boys Group A+ Platform

2nd Alex Walton