SIR: In response to the letter in last week's edition, it seems that the council is dammed if it does and dammed if it doesn’t.

The old pathway (to Woodley Estate) was narrow, especially during Covid meaning people had to step into the car parks to pass. It was uneven, with many trip hazards, no access for disability buggies or pushchairs and flooded with no way of avoiding the puddles during storms. The brambles, which take over everything, were a danger for pedestrians and I, for one, got scratched many times trying to avoid other pedestrians. I am all for green areas but even these need, sometimes, to be controlled and cut back a bit.

I think it is a first class job and if the lighting is too bright then, maybe, that can be toned down, and as for birdsong, which I find lovely and relaxing no matter when, nature cannot be controlled so just close your windows.

Linda Hughes