SIR – Hampshire County Council should be looking for ways to improve recycling facilities at the Bunny Lane site which serves Romsey, not considering closure.

As a regular user I have seen this become increasingly busy; this is hardly surprising considering the building in the catchment area and this is before Abbotswood is finished and the Ganger Farm site completed, let alone the implications of development south of Romsey.

The site is well run, only one other has a better recycling record, all alternatives are a substantial distance away.

How to reduce the processing cost? Invest in a larger and therefore more efficient site with economies of scale, look long term.

Can this be done, yes it can; HCC pick up the phone to TVBC who have a substantial idle old landfill site next to the gas transfer station further up Bunny Lane.

Some creative thinking please, is that too much to ask?

David Teagle