Sir - So Hampshire County Council are considering not only closing the amenity tip at Bunny Lane but several others across Hampshire under a consultation period, a word that always worries people as more often than not it is a done deal. The implications of which are obviously an increase in fly tipping as has already been mentioned , which will then be down to the relevant Local Authority to pick up the costs for collection and disposal of. But why should Hampshire County Council concern themselves with this, at least they will show a saving in their budget!

The argument would then be it is against the law to fly tip but who would police this as our police forces have also had to make drastic cuts in man power and resources due again to cuts imposed upon them from central government.

Another implication would be in this day and age of throw away the public would then have to travel greater distances to the remaining household waste facilities thus making Hampshire County Council indirectly responsible for an increase in the carbon footprint by virtue of the number of journeys made.

It appears that following cuts from central government in order to achieve targets no doubt set by the government (who fail to meet their own targets), government bodies are prepared to pass on costs to other departments to pick up. As an example we have seen a succession of old people and care homes shut down, not only in Hampshire but across the country which has now created “bed blocking” within the NHS, an organisation that has just announced a record deficit of over £2billion! I am not saying the closures have caused this but are no doubt contributory to this figure.

To central government I will quote an old expression: “charity begins at home” and to the decision makers look at all the implications.

Roger Hurst