Sir - 

Could you or your researchers answer some of the questions below.

If dear David is so concerned with jobs why does he not visit the Steel Works and explain how membership of, or leaving the EU affects their jobs.

The Electoral Commission explained to me that if I had registered to vote while in the UK, in say 2002 and subsequently moved full time to a European country that was in the EU, I would still be eligible to vote in this referendum. Why?

I thought that to be eligible one had to register annually.

Commonwealth citizens having no interest in go or say, will be allowed to vote. Why?

Why are Expats in Canada, Australia not allowed to vote?

Citizens of Republic of Ireland, a country currently in the EU that had TWO referendums of their own allowed to vote WHY?

If this is not skewing the system what is?

If we enter a recession as considered, which we may do anyway, at least we will not be paying additional funds to bail out Greece, Turkey, Albania et al.

Nils Carborundum.

G Hare

Cedar Crescent, Romsey