AN EIGHT-YEAR-OLD from Test Valley has donated gifts and pamper packs to two charities in a bid to help underprivileged families amid lockdown.

Elle Holdaway, who lives in Chilworth, gave the donations to Yellow Door and Southampton Family Trust on Friday.

Yellow Door aims to support people who have experienced, or are at risk of domestic or sexual abuse, while Southampton Family Trust can help people with separation and divorce.

Now Elle's mother, Lisa, is calling for people to keep donating to their cause after dozens of parents from Halterworth Primary School, where Elle attends, gave enough to help "at least 20 children".

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Romsey Advertiser: Elle (right) helping to feed homeless peopleElle (right) helping to feed homeless people

Lisa said: "Elle arranged a collection for Yellow Door and Southampton Family Trust where she will be donating crafts, gifts and pamper packs for victims of violence.

"Elle previously talked to me about all of the children who have not got gardens to enjoy during lockdown and she said it would be really good to collect things for children to keep them entertained.

"I got in touch with the charity Love Southampton and they told me about Yellow Door who help underprivileged children and families that have been through domestic abuse.

"Elle then asked her school for help and as a result we had donations from parents that will help at least 20 children."

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The 44-year-old added: "We met Caroline Nokes at Romsey's War Memorial Park on Friday, where we handed over the donations to a lady from Yellow Door and a lady from Southampton Family Trust.

"Caroline will also help Elle by putting this on her social media, because we want people in Romsey to know they can benefit from the services these charities offer.

"Southampton Family Trust will also take their share of the donations, because they help families who are going through tough times.

"They will probably take the pamper packs as they will help mums who are stuck at home, but we will take bits and pieces as well."

Romsey Advertiser: Elle HoldawayElle Holdaway

Lisa stressed people can still drop off donations at Above Bar Church in Ogle Road [Southampton] between 10am and 12pm.

Donations can also be given to the Romsey Food Bank in Greatbridge Road.

She said: "Even if we got an extra five bags worth of stuff it will make ten extra families happy."

As previously reported in the Daily Echo, Elle feeds 20 to 40 homeless people every Sunday.

The eight-year-old provides those living on the city’s streets with bread rolls, chocolate, tomatoes, cookies, cakes and brioches, alongside Lisa.

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